A Key Gateway to the City

The Old Press/Mill Lane site lies on the southwestern edge of the historic centre of Cambridge. It is bounded by Silver Street to the north, Trumpington Street to the east, Little St Mary’s Lane to the south and Granta Place and the Mill Pit to the west.

There are a number of College buildings located around the periphery of the site. Queens’ College and St Catharine’s College stand to the north; Pembroke College to the east; Peterhouse to the south and Darwin College to the west. South-west of the site, the River Cam corridor and Laundress Green (an area of common land) are popular attractions and a several punt stations are situated nearby. There are a number of local amenities within and adjacent to the site, including food and drink establishments, shops, hotel and leisure facilities.

The cobbled causeway over the Mill Pit links the site with the footpath and cycleway to Newnham and onto Grantchester, providing an important route into the city as well as access to Laundress Green.

Old Press/Mill Lane is part of a wider city centre strategy that will enhance accessibility across the city. It will provide Cambridge’s many visitors with their first experience of the historic city centre.

As such it provides a vital entrance from the west, as well as being the only remaining site in the city which provides public river access. Historically, the 13th century structure Trumpington Gate has been the entry point into the site.

As part of its larger vision, the University of Cambridge is improving both public access and public space across all of its sites in the city centre. Old Press/Mill Lane has the potential to become an iconic gateway into both the core of Cambridge and the University itself, seamlessly blending public realm with academic land use while connecting University sites with the city.